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Cattle Services
Nutritional Management
Nutrition is of vital importance to cattle producers. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to poor reproductive performance, poor weight gains, lameness issues, and can contribute greatly to a variety of other disease processes. We at the Carthage Veterinary Clinic are pleased to offer nutritional management services to cow-calf, feedlot, and stocker operations. We utilize the Iowa State University BRaNDS program to assist cattle owners in balancing their rations and developing appropriate mineral and vitamin supplements. Please call our office to set up a time to check your rations!

Feedlot Management
Whether your feedlot is a few head or thousands, the Carthage Veterinary Clinic offers feedlot management services to fit your needs. Our doctors have experience and extensive training in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development, nutritional management, and vaccination protocols. We feel that prevention is the best medicine, but we are available as emergency needs arise. Please call our office and ask how we can assist your feedlot.

Reproductive Services
We understand that getting cattle bred is vital to operating a successful cow-calf farm. Our reproductive services can assist in the entire process, from synchronizing the heifers and cows to pregnancy diagnosis. We also perform bull breeding soundness exams to evaluate bull fertility. Our training in reproductive specialties includes artificial insemination techniques and diagnosis of infertility problems. Our doctors are also receiving advanced training in fetal sexing and other ultrasonographic reproductive services.

Surgical Procedures
Our doctors are not only proficient at small animal surgeries, but also in the large animal arena. We offer castrations, displaced abomasum correction, umbilical hernia repair, dehorning, and a variety of other surgical services. We have a haul-in facility for smaller numbers Let us know how our doctors can assist you!

Vaccination Protocols
Vaccination of cattle of all ages is critical to the health maintenance of any herd. At the Carthage Veterinary Clinic, we will help you develop a vaccination schedule that fits your needs. From brucellosis (Bangs) vaccinations to providing guidance on cow-calf, feedlot, or backgrounding and stocker production protocols, we are happy to assist you! Call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our doctors!

Calving season

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